My Marco Polo Pasta Recipe

It’s seafood pasta with three types of “pasta” being capellini, vermicelli and egg noodles. Add shrimps for seafood and a touch of Chinese Five Spice, among other things, to have a nice balance of Italian, Chinese, seafaring and exploratory nature, and Marco Polo is the best name you can give this dish.

Eating as I’m blogging and oh my goodness! It’s delicious! 🙂

Night after addition when someone wanted more specific details on recipe:

  • 1 bundle of egg noodles
  • half the amount of each vermicelli and capellini (cause you can’t easily control volume of egg noodles the way they’re spun, but more if you like as I used same amounts)
  • fistful of grape tomatoes sliced
  • however much green onions rings you like
  • some mint leaves diced up optional
  • 6-10 peeled shrimps
  • half a Classico bottle of Alfredo di Mare sauce,
  • 4 sliced medium white mushrooms (2 large)
  • several shakes of Chinese 5-spice before mixing up sauce on pasta.

Boil shrimp in pasta water, mushrooms in it after turning off stove for slight boil. Put sauce over drained pasta, shrimp and mushrooms. Put veggies on top. Mix up well before eating.

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