What If Baby Boomers Tweeted Their Teenage Diaries in Real Time?

If you know of someone from the Baby Boomer generation, or perhaps you are one yourself, and had diaries from your teenage years, ask them to consider this experiment.

Relive the teenage years in those diaries on social media in real time.

That is, pretend you’re that age again. Use the same date as the diary entries, or an offset version of the date if you don’t want to wait. For example, January 1st might be August or September 1st, and so on forth with everything offset by how ever many months you choose.

For each day’s entry that you have, read it and decide what you’d might tweet or Facebook about that day given today’s standards, or your own standards, for sharing information “publicly” among friends, the general public, or whoever.

That way, we could see what life was like for you and live through it as you did! I don’t think there’s enough real knowledge for those who didn’t live those years, to really know what everyday life was like. It’s not the same reading history books, or even hearing stories because they’re summarized and you get it all in a short amount of time. Social media as suggested would let someone live through it in real time, at a level not generally seen, in a way the youths today could appreciated given the medium is how they lived their lives!

Other generations

The same experiment could be done with any other generation, really, if you had diaries from your youth. Or even diaries from some period of world history like the world wars.

I think that’d be SO cool, and only wish I had diaries to share. That’s the one thing I had never been able to do well that wish I could have, was to keep a good diary.

Someone doing this already?

If someone were going to do this, or knows of something like this going on online, could you please let me know with a comment and link here? Thank you!

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