NFL Picks Week 4, 2015 Season

Last week was a nice bounce back from the disastrous week 2 that most people would have had. I went 13-3 to stand at 32 correct for the season. That’d be 1 behind the lead among the ESPN analysts, who are only ahead of me due to remarkable weekly scores they had last week, which wouldn’t be typical of their past performance.

This week there are a handful of tough games to pick but I’m confident I’ll do well.


PIT vs BAL is definitely a toughie. The Ravens haven’t convinced me they could cover an excellent receiver and they have to deal with Antonio Brown tonight, the biggest stat getter last year.

PHI and WAS troubled me a lot. I’m going with my guts on this one rather than the very balanced spread records for the spread given and how those two teams have done against Vegas odds in the past year and a bit. Marginally favoured WAS.

Finally, NO and DAL. Will the DAL D be tough enough to stop Drew Brees with a depleted offense compared to last year? He’s a prime time quarterback for many good reasons, even if not at 100%. The Cowboys are far from 100% themselves, riding a back-up quarterback on the road.

Let’s see how this will go down!

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