A Better McNuggets Meal

Upgraded McNuggets mealI don’t find McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets to be very filling if I only eat like a six pack. However, I don’t exactly want to be eating 10 or 20 just to be full, either. So recently, I conjured up this quick and easy idea to make a better meal with McNuggets, for the times when I don’t have time to cook a full lunch or meal. It’s my upgraded, upscaled or upcycled McNuggets meal.

I just steamed some rice, which is easy for me to do in a rice steamer. Just wash the rice, put it in, press a button and walk away. Then scoop out the morning of the lunch into a plastic container when done. I also slice up some grape tomatoes and green onions, sometimes also with cilantro if I have any, in a smaller plastic container.

When I order the six pack of McNuggets, I then put them into the container with the rice. With chopsticks, or a spoon or fork, I cut up each McNugget into half and add one package of dipping sauce over them. I prefer honey to counter the sour of the tomatoes, slight salt of the McNuggets and zing of the green onions. I’m Vietnamese. We like our cuisine with contrasting flavours.

You don’t have to upgrade your McNuggets meal this way, of course. Figure out what you like, and what you might like with McNuggets, and the dipping sauce, and create your own!

I just wanted to share an idea that could spark you with your own version! Good luck and enjoy! I’m lovin’ it upgraded! 🙂

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