Get Your French Fries Without Salt

I’m no health nut, but I do little things here and there to help my diet be better than it could be. One little thing I’ve recently done is to get my French fries without salt. I ask for it all the time, whether or not there is salt with the fries I get, just to be sure I get fries without salt.

This is most effective if you eat fast food fries, which tend to come with salt. Most of us eat more salt than we need already. There’s no need to pile it on. Fast food isn’t great for you as it were, but if you eat it like I do at times, do a small thing here or there to minimize its impact.

Getting fries without salt is good value for the little effort it takes to get it done.

You might like the salt on your fries enough for it to be the main reason you get fries, but with ketchup and other things you can have with your fries to give it some flavour, you’ll do fine without it soon enough.

At some places, you might have to wait a few minutes until the next batch of fries are made for you to get your fries without salt. They give you the fries before they pile salt on it to serve the rest of the batch to everyone else getting those fries. However, ultimately, the time you get back to live by not getting your fries with salt, will be a lot longer than the time you’ll spend in life waiting for fries without salt. 🙂

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