The Benjamin Franklin Daily Do Good Routine

On New Year’s Day, by chance of a feed item Facebook fed me, I found out that each day, after he woke up, Benjamin Franklin asked himself:

What good shall I do this day?

Then, at night, before he went to sleep, he asked himself:

What good have I done today?

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A Near Death Experience Is A Good Thing Every Now and Then

Have you ever had a near death experience? If not, count yourself lucky, and either take my views on faith and/or consult with someone who has to compare notes. But if you had a near death experience, did it change you and/or your life perspectives afterward? And how, if so?

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How Good You Are at Something is Far Less Important than What You Do with It

Do you know of anyone good at something, but who isn’t putting that skill to use as well as it could be? Are you good at anything that you’re not putting to the best use? I think if we thought hard, we would be able to find examples of both. Some who may not be so judgmental of others may be challenged to find examples in others, but I dare say if you couldn’t find examples for yourself, you should either think harder, or go get tested for a number of psychological disorders.

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No Mistake is Fully One if You Learned Something Good from It

How much of a mistake do you consider a mistake you made to be if you learned something from it? Are you the type who retells yourself the story to reduce the value of the mistake with a silver lining, even if you don’t reduce it quantitatively like making it half a mistake? Or are you the type who stick with a mistake is a mistake? Or perhaps you go the other way to consider no mistake to be one if you learned something from it like I once did? I changed from that view because I found I was letting myself off the hook too easily for my liking regarding accountability.

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