How Good You Are at Something is Far Less Important than What You Do with It you know of anyone good at something, but who isn’t putting that skill to use as well as it could be? Are you good at anything that you’re not putting to the best use? I think if we thought hard, we would be able to find examples of both. Some who may not be so judgmental of others may be challenged to find examples in others, but I dare say if you couldn’t find examples for yourself, you should either think harder, or go get tested for a number of psychological disorders.

We’ve all heard of people with amazing traits and/or skills who have used them for bad, or wasted them by not using them at all, or, at least, not in any meaningful way. What good was it to have them if nothing good were done with them? Doing nothing would be like not having those amazing traits and skills, while doing bad, well, we’d be better off if people didn’t have them at all. Meanwhile, we’ve also all heard of people who have done lots with very little skills or traits. They just found ways to make the most of they had and/or get around their limitations. As for those with amazing traits and/or skills who made good or great use of them, that was what gave them the most meaning, not just possession of them for show.

The examples provided with respect to people having amazing skills and/or traits illustrate the extremes for ease of understanding. However, the same applies for any level of skills and/or traits, and for everybody. It comes down to optimal use for what we have and can give, supporting my point of how good you are at something is far less important than what you do with it.


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