One Month Resolutions Check In (2021)

January is over, and all of my resolutions for 2021 are still in tact. I expect them to be all year if my few decades of such tracking are any indication of how I perform in that regard. I still haven’t documented them all on this blog, with all the proper writing out of methodologies as per my Resolutions Planner that I had shared a month ago or so. However, I have all the elements worked out in my mind, and all the tracking information in my Google Sheets Daily Activities Tracker that I had also shared. So let’s have a look to see how I’m doing.

The following resolutions are not how I have posted on this blog in order, but they are the order in which I go about tracking them so to share, I will keep that order to make it easier. The comparisons made below are also relative to the “gold standard” of achievement, unless otherwise mentioned, just to save a bunch of repetitive words.

  1. Get at least 7.5 hours of shut eye time (best proxy for sleep I have) at least 5 nights a week (71.4%). At 74%. Pleasant surprise as I struggled with achieving 4 nights a week (56%) last year.
  2. Average at least 7.8 hours of shut eye time each day. I’m at 8.03 hours per day. The resolution was worded “night” because I tend to think of it that way, but naps count as well. I try not to take them often, though, because part of the key to this resolution is even sleep per night since you technically cannot “catch-up” on sleep. What sleep you lost is gone. You can only mitigate damage in the future, not repair that in the past with sleep. I had a two naps on weekends in January so that wasn’t too bad, where the naps were from fatigue and needed rather than lack of sleep leading up to the nap. Would still have been above 7.8 hours per night if it were only night.
  3. Exercise for at least 30 minutes on at least 5 days per week (71.4%). A little injury keep me from exercising for a week, so in just 4.5 weeks so far this year, it’s not surprising I’m behind. I’m at 52%, which is even below my bronze level of achievement here (57.1%). The way averages work, though, it’ll take me a while to catch up without injuring myself by exercise everyday of the week for consecutive weeks for the sake of catching up. I’m not worried, though. It’s not like I lose a lot from decades of regular exercise in missing a little exercise like that, still averaging more than half of days, and doing intermittent fasting.
  4. Write at least 500 words at least 6 days per week (85.7%). I have written far more than that every day this year! I don’t always post it because some are being held back to enter writing competitions or calls for publications. However, those will eventually get posted, win or lose. Obviously, I deem them to be my best writing so when they get posted, you the reader will only get better content!
  5. Don’t post anything to my profile on Facebook at least 6 days a week (85.7%). I am at 74% or 3 of 4 days here. A bunch of things happened I thought interesting enough to share left me in this state, but I expect to be posting only a few times in February so I’ll right this ship soon. I’m still above my bronze level of achievement, though, of 71.4%.
  6. Don’t spend money at least 5 days per week (71.4%). AHEAD. I have not spent money on 77% of days, or 3 days of 4 roughly. I think I can keep this up.
  7. Don’t charge phone at least 5 nights per week (71.4%). I am also doing well here at 81%, basically charging my phone only once every 5 nights, but I think I can push that to 6 with a few changes in habits!
  8. Had meaningful human contact (5+ minute in person conversation) on at least 5 days per week (71.4%). I am doing really well here at 94% from such conversations at work, and chance encounters with people I know, or one conversation starter with a stranger.
  9. Had meaningful human contact (5+ minute in person conversation) with people outside of work on at least 3 days per week (42.9%). I am not doing too well here at just 32%. I missed two such opportunities with my injury keeping me from a few weekly meetings, but am still doing better than the bronze standard. This gold standard was going to be tough for my current lifestyle of building new social circles after dissolving what I had at the end of 2019 from their lack of value, but I feel I can do it despite current lack of progress.
  10. Average at least 12.0 hours of intermittent fasting per day. I am WAY ahead and really proud of myself on this one, thinking 12.0 hours per day was going to be a real challenge. Yet, after January, I am flying high at 15.0 hours! I know the warmer months will be different with more intense running practices a week, ending later in the evening, where 12.0 hours will be a challenge, but that’s why this 15.0 hour buffer to start out will be nice to meet the annual goal!
  11. Average learning at least 4.0 new terms per day. I am reading less content this year where I would learn new vocabulary, but still enough to be averaging 6.1 new terms per day. This should drop further as the year goes on, though. I just got into a couple of articles with all kinds of interesting new terms to skew the average so far.
  12. Average learning at least 1.5 useful new terms per day. What good are new terms learned if they were just trivia, and thus trivial, right? This is the key metric for learning of new terms, ones I could use. So far, I am doing well at 2.2 terms per day, and plan to flash card quiz myself monthly to make sure I retain the useful terms, if not use them in talking to people and/or writing.
  13. Average listening to at least 60 minutes’ of podcasting per day. I love listening to really good podcasts, and have found new efficiencies for doing so this year, like when I’m cooking, or snacking, and the occasional errand walk. So far, I am averaging a staggering 120 minutes per day due to winter and COVID keeping me in and home a lot. I know it won’t be that high forever, but I’ll enjoy looking at it while I can, as well as having all that time to listen and learn so much from these podcasts. It’ll be a buffer for when I expect to have less time later this year while doing more serious writing.
  14. Complete at least 0.3 paintings per week (1 every 3 weeks). I have not even started this, but the resolution is not intended to be averaged out, only expressed as an average.
  15. Sew at least 0.5 garments per week (1 every 2 weeks). I have not started on this, either, but as with the paintings, this isn’t an average thing the way I work.
  16. Take fewer than 0.3 bus rides per week (1 every 3 weeks). I have taken 1 bus ride in the 4.5 weeks in January, and am actually disappointed I had to do that for an unexpected errand with heavy stuff that I couldn’t literally run the errand like I tend to for most of my errands.
  17. Average less than $8.00 per day for all food and drinks. I am cruising along at $6.96 per day, on average, with a load-up on Jan 31 when I could have waited, if I wanted to impress more with the statistics, and left it at under $6.00 per day, on average!
  18. Read at least 14 books. I read Vi by Kim Thuy as my first ever library borrowed e-book, and have a noticeable start into Open, by Andre Agassi, so I’m barely ahead. Vi was OK. I read it for the writing style, to learn from it as my preferred writing voice for memoir type of content is similar (though Vi is a fictitious memoir). I think the content from Ru was better. Open was ravishing to open, and I’m still enjoying it quite a bit about 20% in. I’m reading it for the highly praised memoir writing style (and I can see why) of the person who helped Agassi write the book, and who also helped Phil Knight write Shoe Dog.
  19. Read at least 60 e-book samples. I read the following 7 samples in January, with two not counting as I have or am reading the full book for the previous resolution. I will revise and keep tabs on future samples turned into full readings to avoid any double counting. 
    1. A Second Chance: For You, For Me, And For The Rest Of Us, by Catherine Hoke
    2. The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity, by Julia Cameron
    3. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, by Mark Manson
    4. The Purpose Driven Life: What on Earth Am I Here for? by Rick Warren
    5. Walk Through Walls: a Memoir, by Marina Abramović
    6. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of NIKE, by Phil Knight (to be read fully)
    7. Genghis Khan and the Making of the Modern World, by James Weatherford
    8. Open, by Andre Agassi (won’t count as reading full book now)
    9. Vi, by Kim Thuy (won’t count as reading full book now)
  20. Other resolutions I have not started include:
    1. Self-publish at least two books on Amazon (will happen much later in year)
    2. Enter at least 12 writing competitions and/or calls for content (got 3 targeted by end of March)
    3. Take at least two online genetics courses (have not even looked at courses, might be a fall thing)
    4. Learn to invest money in index funds (some work done but will need to wait for a stock market crash to jump in at a discount)


Completed resolutions

I had one easy resolution to complete, which was to join the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia to help with my writing. Always nice to start out with something easy to get some momentum and good feels. I did that on January 3rd, when I first spent money in 2021 for that and other causes to help make Resolution 6 happen by bundling spending when I can. I am slowly enjoying some engagement in that. I found out I wasn’t eligible for a few early writing competitions they had, though, so that was too bad. However, they did have a list of other competitions for which I have already dedicated pieces to work on.


Future reports

I can technically give a report any time with my personal tracker. However, compiling it all for show takes time so we’ll see how often I’ll do it in the future. I will do it at least quarterly, but not sure about monthly. January was the all important first month, though, to not only keep things going, but get ahead where I can. I’m feeling pretty good for where I am. Now I just need to keep it up for the 11 months remaining!



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