Get Better Veggies than Lettuce with Your Subs

Lettuce is something people get with their sub sandwiches. It’s like the default veggie people ask for with their subs. It’s also the thing that gets put on first, and most, among the veggies asked for.

Lettuce also the least nutritious of all the vegetables, mostly being water inside generic plant cells with how pale the sub lettuce tends to be. It’s not much more than that even when it’s not so pale. It’s neither as colorful as the other vegetables that make them more nutritious, nor as tasty, I might add.

Thinking about this, I recently made a tiny, tiny life change on this matter.

I will no longer get lettuce with my subs. Instead, I will get something more nutritious, like spinach, mushrooms, or whatever the store has available. Or I will just get more of something I normally get that is more nutritious than lettuce.

That would be everything in the veggies section. 🙂

My subs now not only tastes better, it’s also more nutritious!

And I’m also getting better value for my money. Nothing is cheaper than lettuce among the veggies from which you have to choose.

Try this some time when you order subs, and see if you might want to make the same tiny, tiny life change in your life. 🙂

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