Life Relativity Quote

Life’s Theory of Relativity states that everything is relative

life relativity quote minh tan halifaxMinh Tan

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I’d also call it my Theory of Relativity, but it’s a Law for me, not a Theory.

I don’t need “proof”. I’ve lived long enough to know that getting context in comparison to something else, whether something similar or something metaphorically usable to compare two vastly different things to, helps shape and increase the meaning of everything for me. It lets me see life and the world in clearer and deeper ways, with more perspective and insight. It also influences my reactions accordingly. It can make:

  • small things big
  • big things small
  • big things bigger
  • small things smaller
  • senseless things meaningful
  • even meaningful things a bit senseless
  • new meanings to things
  • and so on.

In fact, almost the first thing I do to grasp for meaning of many things is something relative to which I can judge whatever I have to gauge. Everything in my life and world is relative.

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