Sad and Happy Times Quote

Without the sad times,
the happy times would not be so enjoyable

sad happy times quoteMinh Tan (see haiquote version)

Other quotes by me

After watching my Denver Broncos lose badly to the Seattle Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, I am, of course, very sad. It wasn’t even close so the whole thing was painful to watch from the debacle first snap 12 seconds in leading to a Seattle safety.

In negative times, I am the one I need most to talk myself out of things. In this time of sadness, I find myself repeating this mantra I’ve had for years that I tell myself. I don’t tell this to others in their moments of sadness, though, because it’s a little insensitive for such occasions. I save it for when they’re out of it and can handle looking ahead. I just like my therapy to be rough, that’s all, lol.

By fluke, the mantra has 17 syllables and fits the haiquote format I had recently blogged about.

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