High Hopes Quote

It is better to have had high hopes and fall short,
than never to have had any hope at all

high hopes quote minh tanMinh Tan

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This was just a little something I told myself in mulling over the Denver Broncos’ crushing defeat in the Super Bowl on Sunday. The Broncos, their fans and I all had such high hopes only to be crushed brutally, I have to admit. It was the most painful football game I have ever watched.

But then I thought of the alternatives. What if the team had not made the playoffs? Or what if they had gotten eliminated early like last year that was also crushing, but also left me disinterested in the rest of the playoffs? It was then it became clear to me that I would much rather had the high hopes crushed rather than no hope at all, as if they weren’t in the Super Bowl. A life without hope is rather disparate, whereas one with crushed hope here and there just fulfills the sad times that are needed to make the happy ones that much more enjoyable, as said in my previous quote.

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