Fame Quote

Fame will make everything
about a person more interesting

fame quoteMinh Tan

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Have you ever noticed all the trivial things reported on celebrities these days? Things that if you and I did, nobody would give a damn to know… even our closest or most casual of Facebook friends. I was presuming you, the reader, weren’t famous in making that last statement, of course.¬†Celebrity culture has gone completely out of control not only with the paparazzi, but with social media where the celebrities themselves can feed the frenzy, never mind having others stalk them to feed it to the masses!

It was partially from those observations that I came up with this quote. The “partial” refers to the observational truth. There is a social celebrity craze these days never seen, due to never having been possible, in the history of the human race. However, the other part of the quote gives insight into the¬†why it would be true. That’s because a lot of us want to better understand the minds of those we deem successful, charismatic, magical or somehow otherwise elevated in our opinions. It is natural to want to know that, in part in case we can relate, or even better, duplicate, with hopes for similar results. That desire, though, can create a bit of a myth about our celebrities. Their reputations, after all, is reliant on our opinions and resulting actions. Without us as their fans, they could not be celebrities.

So in our pursuit to understand those we admire, we aggrandize their actions into something perhaps more than is fair. For example, is the mind of one painter more interesting than the next if we generally perceive their art as being equal? But what you suddenly found out that one of the artists was legendary singer / songwriter / activist Joni Mitchell and not just some guy selling them on a street corner? Or maybe let me put it to you another way. Do you think Joni Mitchell’s paintings would be worth what they are if it were not Joni Mitchell who painted them? Same art work. Just different creator. Do you really think it is purely Joni Mitchell’s visual artistry that make them what they are worth, or do you think who she is in life has some influence over its value?

Now, I don’t mean to pick on Joni. I love her musical and humanitarian work dearly, as well as her insights. However, as pretty as her artwork is, I can’t see what makes them worth that much more than some other beautiful artwork I’ve seen on boardwalks, as well as in museums. But I can tell you I’m more curious about them knowing they were Joni Mitchell’s art work, to see if I can find something from her mind that came from her musical work. But more than her art work, and true for any celebrity, ever noticed something common that they owned suddenly has a lot more value than yours, just like the common actions are discussed more than yours?

It is really true, fame will make everything about a person more interesting! In that sense, I encourage you not to take anything for granted of your belongings and/or actions, be they past, present or future before you become famous. They just may become a lot more “interesting”, in both good and bad ways potentially. It’s not hard to become “famous” these days!

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