Using Google Forms for WordPress Surveys Instead of PollDaddy

With your WordPress blog, you can have a free embedded polling tool with However, it is terribly limited if you want to use the free version. Recently, I gave Google Forms a try and immediately wondered why anybody would use PollDaddy given what Google Forms can do??? See what I mean with the sample survey and identified advantages below.

Google Forms comes free with your free Gmail account you can sign up for, if you don’t already have one. It can be found under the “Drive” menu of your Its advantages over account menus. Google Forms’ advantages over PollDaddy are many, and extensive (i.e. how much better), that I’d have trouble finding an answer as to why anybody would be using PollDaddy any more. Among the favourites features and advantages for me are:

  • Multiple questions (don’t know limit but seems to be rather high, if any);
  • Lots of responses allowed (I think I’ve read 2000 but could well be wrong);
  • Multiple answer formats (multiple choice, text, dates, etc.);
  • Required questions that prevents surveys from being submitted without certain questions answered (leaving a bad survey otherwise);
  • Multiple survey template to give them nice looks, as well as formatting features like page breaks and such;
  • Great ease of use in being very intuitive visually to create a survey, and click throughs to get you codes to embed in WordPress or other sites, or to share on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ among others;
  • Tabulation summary after respondent answers, on every question (optional use);
  • Data storage in online spreadsheet in your account that you can watch live as answers come in (really cool!);
  • Data manipulation and analysis online (cloud computing via your browser) and offline (via spreadsheet export into numerous spreadsheet software packages), which allows you to do anything with the data you could if you had it in various data or spreadsheet formats. Correlations, crosstabs, graphs, data reclassification, etc. are just some of the things I’m doing with the results via the sample survey at the end, which is still open so feel free to give it a try to see how it works!

There are still many other features, some of which I haven’t discovered yet. Compared to the piddly one question, radio button surveys that PollDaddy is able to supply, why would you want to use it? Even one question surveys would look nicer on Google Forms. The separate account may mean it takes a little longer to create, grab the embedding code and putting it back into your blog post, but not much longer.

So come on, people. Whatcha still using PollDaddy for? When someone asks me “Who’s your daddy?”, I can definitely tell you Poll ain’t my answer! Give it a try!

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