Let’s Nickname the New Royal Baby “Cam”

First, let me congratulate all the “other” new (or new again) Mothers and babies born on this date of July 22nd. I’m thinking of you and praying for your well being, future and positive contributions to the world.

Now, as for that royal baby boy, there isn’t a name yet that the world knows about at the moment I am writing this. There are odds for names like James, George, or Albert, but that’s way too boring and we have nothing to do about it.

What I’d like to propose is a nickname for the baby. He’s gonna get some, whether he likes it or not. Case and point, me here proposing Cam as a nickname. Yes, Baby Cam.

Why Cam? Well, he is going to be the Prince of Cambridge. He’s also going to be in front of cameras like nobody ever before, because there’s never been so many cameras. He’s going to be scrutinized like no other royals have ever been. Might as well get comfy with it. Besides, a good nickname for the public to relate to the new royals will be great for their public relations. And no point originality to shorten the proper name like Albert to something like Al. That’s like insulting and saying the original name wasn’t good enough. At least a different name has its own story, not like a downgrade of an original name.

I’m sure that royal baby boy will end up with with a nickname of some sort soon enough. We’ll just have to see what it’s going to be. Let the suggestions begin! 🙂


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