Robert Zimmerman Jr Seems to Want His Brother George’s Title as Most Hated Man in America

The George Zimmerman verdict was delivered as not guilty, and what do I see? His brother Robert Jr. running around talking trash about how Trayvon had plans for George for the night and it was too bad it didn’t work out. Then he tries to hammer it home the jury agreed, as if they weren’t bound by that stupid stand your ground law that allows someone like George to pursue, but then shoot someone when they find out they bit off more than they could chew!

In there somewhere, Robert Jr adds some buzz words like “tragedy” and “sympathy” for the Martins and such, but that’s totally unbelievable given the narrative he’s trying to retell otherwise. This guy is actually arrogant enough to think he could rewrite the narrative by going on a media appearance tour to push this story and seems to be relishing the spotlight. Seems to me someone has been jealous! And he was in New York ready to do an interview instead of being with his brother at decision time. You could do an interview inside or outside the courthouse with CNN. You don’t need to be in New York for it! Yeah, I buy he really cares about his brother or Trayvon. He’s in it for himself using someone else’s platform cause he ain’t got nothin’ to do it with!

At this rate, it won’t be long before Robert Jr becomes the most hated man in America. He’ll probably cherish that, too. He has a confrontational attitude he seems to enjoy pushing solely on the “trump all” argument the jury has delivered the verdict and if you say anything else, you are wrong! Don’t worry Robert Jr, you’re the one who’s wrong. This ain’t nearly the end of it for you and your family because we’re looking at Department of Justice reviews, demonstrations, actions from those demonstrations, civil lawsuit with a much less burden of proof, and hopefully not, but I fear, possibly some vigilante justice. I hope I am wrong in the last, but they know what I’m talking about.

And if Robert Jr wants to be the face of this, which he seems to be, well, be careful what you wish for is all I’m saying!

And don’t forget, you are pressing your brother’s story, which will only cause others to hate him more. You’re not just risking your life more, you’re risking his!

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