George Zimmerman… Sort of Free

The verdict just came down that George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILTY of shooting teen Trayvon Martin. My opinion was that Florida law and burden of proof on the prosecution forced this conclusion, but that the jury made the right decision based on what it was compelled to by Florida law. I don’t agree it is the right and just conclusion, but that the jury didn’t have too much of a choice if it were to have followed the law… a law that’s going to need a review soon!

So now what for George Zimmerman? Well, it’s going to be tough to get back any normality in his life if he were to stay in Florida, or even America. He might have to go to Peru, from where his Mother came, to get away from it all. But as the labeled “most hated man in America”, or at least a very polarizing figure, he’s going to have it rough living any normal life in America.

What might be ironic in all of this, though, is that George may one day meet the same conclusion as Trayvon Martin. There are a lot of crazy people out there and one might well take it out on George. It’s rather plausible. Someone might well profile George, track him, and shoot him to kill him. How ironic that would be.

But for now, George has a lot of questions to answer and more to figure out regarding how to get on with life. He’s not only going to have to work hard, but need a lot of luck to help him cause he’s branded for life. And let’s hope none of those crazy people out there do anything drastic in the future resulting from this case. Let’s hope we don’t get riot and so on.

The world is still watching, America… as is the rest of America.

And because they are, George Zimmerman’s brother, Robert Jr., had better learn to keep his yap shut or be more sensitive to answer questions and defend his brother if that were the case. His rampant attitude is only going to get people against him riled up and increase chances of harm done against him. Even if he were correct on all accounts, there is a problem with the stand your ground law here and some people can’t see that difference. All they’ll see is an arrogant “I told you so” guy wagging his finger about how the jury got it all right and that George is innocent, that he was right, and that’s the end of the story with everything else wrong. In doing public appearances doing what he did like on Piers Morgan, all Robbie is going to do is bring himself to the hated level of George Zimmerman himself, and have as many problems in life as George like people who won’t want to hire him, and who might be crazy enough to target him.

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