Obama’s Barackets Finished Ahead of 73.8% of ESPN Brackets

Congratulations to the Louisville Cardinals for winning the March Madness Men’s NCAA Basketball Tournament in 2013. For the tournament, I have been updating the performance of President Barack Obama’s Barackets (link at end) among over 8 million ESPN entries. With the tournament now over, I can report a final placing for the President at better than 73.8% of all brackets entered. However, once again, I beat the President, finishing ahead of 90.0% of those same bracket set.

The President did very well, generally, but missed out on the eventual champions. He had picked Indiana. Had he picked Louisville, who he had in the finals, President Obama would have finished ahead of 90% of the field, for sure! I only beat the President on picking the winner, but rules are rules, and results are results. 🙂

I’m 4 for 5 in beating da Prez now. Beam! 🙂

I had also analyzed some other notable picks for how they were chosen, rather than celebrities. Here’s how they turned out.

Data miner Nate Silver submitted “odds” for who would go far. They weren’t based on ridiculous upsets, but some plausible ones on what the story all kinds of numbers told. Based purely on his odds, I put together a set of brackets. Amazingly enough, or not if you’re a believer in good data mining like I am, he finished ahead of 95.5% of the brackets out there.

I also put together a “crowd sourced” bracket based on the most popular choices out there to reflect the “wisdom of crowds”. That didn’t mean the most common bracket, just the most common choices for who went furthest in each possible route of the tournament. That bracket, turns out, also did well, tying with me at beating 90% of all other brackets.

The links below show who picked what among brackets analyzed here.

Well, it’s been another great tournament. I’m always a bit sad when it’s all over, but it’s been a lot of fun. See ya next year and I look forward to beating the President again! 😉

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