My Sewing Patterns from Wild Ginger Fashion Design Software

At the Atlantic Sewing Guild meeting tonight, our President gave a nice talk on downloading patterns online for printing out and using. I’ve been learning Wild Ginger software for a few months now, albeit not in as dedicated a manner as I should be due to sewing “distractions”. I thought I’d share a few patterns I generated for comparison, or viewing if you’re a reader who likely wasn’t at our Sewing Guild meeting.

The nice thing I like about the Wild Ginger patterns for printing is that I can move the pieces around on a grid of paper as I like it, before generating the PDF for printing. That way, I make sure things like straight lines are lost in the non-printable portion of the paper, or wild curves and such. I also like it that I have a choice to print without crop marks, cause that saves a TON of time. Imagine having to draw lines on 4 sides of each page, cutting that off, then lining up the pages, taping and then cutting out the patterns. Just line up the pages, cut and visualize the line through the small non-printable part of each page.

Also, with PDF generation, I can choose from a wide variety of paper sizes, up to 42 inch wide plotter paper. I happen to have access to one, by good luck, so I can do this. However, I had posted before about printing on plotters at Staples for about 49 cents a square foot if you really want to do it that way.

So below are patterns for a body suit and dress shirt, along with their instructions. I’ll blog more about my Wild Ginger adventure in the future, after I learn a few more things about what I’m doing to give it a fair shake.

Bodysuit Super Stretchy Instructions

Bodysuit Super Stretchy

Shirt Flat Yoke

Shirt Flat Yoke Instructions



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