Why Sewing is a Superhero Ability

As I was sewing Prototype Beta of my body suit, it occurred to me that sewing must be a superhero ability, and a pretty common one at that! I mean, superheroes can’t exactly take their outfits to a seamstress or tailor to get them fixed or duplicated.

Besides giving away their identity, what tailor or seamstress would have needles, threads and other supplies strong enough to hold up to what some superheroes need? And it’s not like the superheroes can order the suits online.

Now, one uber-nerd has told me that in a Spider-man comic, Spider-man drops into his tailor for an emergency to fix his suit. This tailor, apparently, works for the superheroes on even days and villains on odd days (cause they’re odd, I guess). But seriously, that’s even a stretch by comic book standards. This tailor would be the most wanted man in town, knowing the identities of all the superheroes and villains! He must have adamantium needles and Spider-man web threads to have the confidence of his clients to return. And there must be ones similar to him or her in every town of every “universe” (Marvel, DC, planet, alternate timelines and so on).

C’mon, man!

So the next time someone chides you for sewing, you ask them what they think most* superheroes and villains know how to do? The answer would be sew! 🙂

* Most would be due to some that wear regular clothing, and some that have armour or such coverage, like Ironman.

Now, back to my bodysuit. Prototype B is only for better fit. Prototype A easily survived a 7.5 mile tempo run without a malfunction.


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