A few months ago, I first heard of 3D printers that were “affordable”. That is, in the couple of thousand dollar range and that someone I knew had one, a Makerbot Replicator. It has spurred me to learn Rhino 3D to create things to be able to put the printer to use. These are my first renderings, a Klingon logo Christmas ornament I would just spray paint chrome to hang from a tree. I plan to have more complicated renderings, eventually leading to armor costumes, in the next 12 months or so.

There are plenty of free renderings to use at Thingiverse if you have access to 3D printing but don’t know how to design things or where to get things to try it out. 3D printers are getting to be more popular so look around and try it out! This list shows the wide variety already available under $20,000. Things should get a lot cheaper soon, though!