Country Style Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Ian Tyson

I’ve heard the famous song, (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow, in many, many styles, but not country… until today. I found out about this very moving rendition by Canadian country legend, Ian Tyson, via a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation series called Rainbow Battle pitting different renditions against one another. Ian’s performance completely took me by surprise and entranced me, I must say! Have a listen!

Then read this fascinating article why various musicians think Somewhere Over the Rainbow is so great! My answer would be a combination of answers by Adrianne Pieczonka and Stephen Fearing.

As for my favourite rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Too hard to pick one. Way too hard to pick one. I can tell you for sure, though, that Judy Garland’s original version is right up there with this one and Ishmael Kamakawiwoʻole’s ukulele one. They’re rather different, each one, but that’s the true mark of a great song. You can do all kinds of things to it and it still sounds fantastic!

Do you have a favourite rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow to share?

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