Endo-Cannibalism, Casu Marzu, and Expressing Disgust

For more writings on this blogI listen to a lot of podcasts. In 2020, I listened to at least a half an hour of podcasts on 7 of every 8 days. I didn’t track how much time, though, because I didn’t think I’d be listening to that much podcast time, like maybe 100 hours? I regretted not keeping those stats to know in 2020, but I’m not too concerned as I know I will be listening to a lot more in 2021 as I find more podcasts I enjoy, and listen more efficiently in life while doing many other things than I did in 2020. Already, in 2021, I am averaging 100 minutes per day (1h 40 min), which, if kept up, will mean I will hit 100 hours by the end of February, ahead of my goal of 500 hours for the year that I have yet to blog about as part of my posts on my resolutions.

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Radio Station Playing Only Music by Dead Musicians?

Just an idea that came to me during one of my free thinking sessions I practice to try to think of interest, slightly radical ideas to keep my mind open and abstract as I aged. 🙂

What if there were a radio station that only played popular music by musicians who were deceased? Its repertoire could literally grow all the time, to include entire catalogs of new musicians having just passed away. In fact, it could do tributes to them by introducing new catalogs over several hours each day following the deaths.

I understand it might seem morbid to have that cloud of thought overhanging your listening enjoyment, that all these people were dead, but I get quite reflective some time listening to music by people no longer with us. And you might get a few surprises to hear songs by people you didn’t know had died. That’s when the reflection would kick in for me.

As for groups, play songs people who passed away had a hand in writing if they didn’t sing, or only songs they sung, and make it clear at the beginning and/or end, of course.

And hopefully, nobody listening will hope someone will die soon so they can hear their music on the station. Just turn the dial, eh? 🙂

Country Style Somewhere Over the Rainbow, by Ian Tyson

I’ve heard the famous song, (Somewhere) Over the Rainbow, in many, many styles, but not country… until today. I found out about this very moving rendition by Canadian country legend, Ian Tyson, via a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation series called Rainbow Battle pitting different renditions against one another. Ian’s performance completely took me by surprise and entranced me, I must say! Have a listen!

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