My Amazing Spider-Man Beach Towel Bath Robe

This bath robe was made from 3 beach towels. Oddly, I could only find the beach towel on the back online to be able to share with you. I got it at Zellers in Canada, but they don’t have it online. The other two beach towels I got at Wal-mart in Canada. However, you can find all kinds of other, some better, Spiderman beach towels from which to make a similar garment:

I made this from Simplicity’s Pattern 9330 of unisex bath robes, tops and pants sleepwear for men, misses and teens (Amazon, review). However, I customized and custom fitted the crap out of it that I couldn’t really give it a good review. The only thing I’ll say about it is read the measurements with each size of the garments before you make it, and see which one you think would best fit you because it’s just a bit excessive otherwise. For example, the robe for extra small had the person chest size to be 30-32 inches, but the robe chest size was 44.5 inches! I know you want a bath robe to be loose, but you could fit a woman in that excess!!! Otherwise, I added the trim to the front panels because I’m small and needed all the surface area I could get on the panels to show more of the beach towel print.

Ideally, to utilize the most of your beach towel robe, you’d want to make a small sized robe, which has a 48″ chest. You’d probably want to be about a 44″ chest or so, but fit yourself rather than take my advice. You’d want the bath robe to be a better fit than what Simplicity would suggest simply because you have a bold image print and would want to minimize the folds in it due to excessive fabric from sizes too grandiose on your body. The Diana dress form in my images is set to my measurements so you can see I fitted the bath robe reasonably well to it.

Otherwise, on this bath robe, I lined it with ultra-smooth, but hard as hell to work with, Bemberg lining. I wish I had put that Amazing Spider-man logo on the left arm to run up and down rather than wrap around, for better visibility and readability. However, it was too late by the time I thought of it as I had serged it in. The whole robe is practically serged, including the lining turned inside out. I sewed down the edges so the serged seams turned inside out didn’t carry any volume. That’s how much customization I put into it.

Finally, I added cheese cloth for a webby looking sash. I wanted a webby looking sash, and Loretta who worked at a Fabricville store I shopped at recommended cheese cloth. It was a brilliant suggestion because it was very strong. Spiderman’s web can’t be so weak to leave potential wardrobe malfunctions to occur, can it? It also sheds like spider web. 🙂

All the customization I did to this bath robe took a heck of a lot of my time, and definitely tested my patience and determination. I was probably also motivated that I had just spent like $66 in materials to get something looking good($52 for the beach towels with tax, $5 for the sash, $9 for the Bemberg lining on sale). Happily, I can say I am thrilled with the finished product! It is a one of a kind piece (unless one of you copy it), feels fantastic to wear and even better to tell people I designed and made it when they ask where I got it! 🙂

I have designs for an Avengers and a Batman bath robe to come. I have to order some beach towels from the US, though, cause we’re so deprived here in Canada! However, any licensed characters I like that come in beach towels, I will be able to make awesome garments from it! Think of all the licensed characters possibilities! As for garments, stay tuned for a post on what garments you can make from licensed beach towels that carry many colourful and cool designs you just can’t buy in other forms of fabric.


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