Simplicity Complexity Quote

Simplicity is the highest form of complexity

simplicity quote minh tanMinh Tan

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My Animatrix Winter Coat

One of the first patterns I ever tried sewing was Simplicity 5386, which was the duster coat copy from one of my favourite movies, The Matrix. Nice pattern. Horrible sizing. There was so much ease in the pattern I could have fitted a woman inside it along with myself, which would have been great for another type of garment but I digress…

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A Pattern for Collars (Simplicity 1727)

Collars are something most of us put on as the pattern dictates when we sew. We wouldn’t think of changing it for two main reasons:

  • A nice one was chosen for the design so another one probably doesn’t match as well.
  • We’d have to create a custom collar, which is more work and possibly skills we don’t have.

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My Amazing Spider-Man Beach Towel Bath Robe

This bath robe was made from 3 beach towels. Oddly, I could only find the beach towel on the back online to be able to share with you. I got it at Zellers in Canada, but they don’t have it online. The other two beach towels I got at Wal-mart in Canada. However, you can find all kinds of other, some better, Spiderman beach towels from which to make a similar garment:

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