Where Does One Wear One’s Heart when Sleeveless?

From the habits of Leonardo da Vinci, I try to come up with three things to be curious about each morning to cultivate my curiosity that is one of my Signature Strengths, of which using it helps keep me happy and alive in life. This morning, I came up with this question

When one is not wearing sleeves, where does the English language think one should wear one’s heart?

It references the English idiom about wearing your heart on your sleeve, meaning  showing your intimate emotions in an honest and open manner. It references a common element in garments, which is the sleeve, but is not always found in a garment worn as a top, to which I then ask the equivalent of what if that element wasn’t there? What then?

Anybody want to suggest something? Preferably with a case for your answer? 🙂

The Slightly SCANDALOUS Dress

This past spring, the Atlantic Sewing Guild to which I belong had what was called a Knits Challenge. The idea was to sew something out of knits, preferably one of two McCall’s patterns, McCall’s 5890 or McCall’s 6247, but not necessarily so. The patterns were chosen for the general simplicity to encourage many to try, but also for their versatility as each had a wide variety of pieces. I had sewn with knits before, like with this customized dress from two patterns, so I went with trying a pattern not meant for knits as my challenge. In the spirit of sewing with knits, I would be expanding my range to be able to sew more things with knits should I succeed, meaning I would be sewing with knits more often in the long run as was the goal for everyone to get some more experience sewing with knits.

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The TOILE Dress Shirt

Convinced I was only one draft away from the shell pattern from which I would create many of my dress shirts, I went for it on this draft as if I had the final pattern. In case I was wrong, and I have been several times on this adventure already, I just did a design without yokes, appliques or other detailing. Never one to miss an opportunity, though, I picked out the only toile that I had to create a design where I had to line up a picture across the front seam. I also did it on the left body seam, being my weaker arm that doesn’t move as much as my right that exposes the lined up right seam. I couldn’t line up all seams, though since that would have required the pattern repetition to be ideal for my upper body pattern circumference.

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