Revolutionary Drug Policy Ideas for 4/20

For 4/20, I’d like to propose some revolutionary drug policies that might be revolutionary enough you’d think I was high or something. Alas, I hate to disappoint you, but getting high doesn’t produce this kind of revolutionary thinking. Besides, reality is by far the best drug around and it’s my drug of choice. But have a read and see what you think.

Legalizing drugs has long been a controversial issue, but I only think it’s controversial because it’s only been about legalizing drugs as an ideology. Little has been talked about in terms of conditions, consequences, and such. That’s where my revolutionary drug policy ideas come in.

Don’t just legalize drugs, but get government to monopolize it. The key is to price control it and sell it really cheap so that even if people sell it illegally, they wouldn’t be profiting much from it. Let’s see how many drug dealers are going to want a low paying career!

If not government monopoly, then get someone like Wal-mart to produce it like a crown corporation. Let’s see how many dealers would want to make less profit per deal than Wal-mart. Wal-mart didn’t get rich by selling stuff at a high cost, you know!

Either way, tax it. The users would be be feeding government for their habit. How cool do you think that’s going go down among those self-anointed uber-cool drug users?

And how cool do you think they’d feel about having to get pot from a government department?

Then, aside for emergency purposes, don’t offer health care coverage for drug users (in countries with some universal health care like Canada). Make them buy their own coverage, and still charge all the emergency charges afterwards. That is, for emergencies, treat first, charge later. Otherwise, no upfront pay, no service. The users know the risks. If they take them, others shouldn’t be punished for it. No need for absolute conclusive evidence. Reasonable proof should do it. Them’s the risks so let’s see how many users there might be left.

Make them pay rather than treat them, let them go and let them have a glory story to tell the next time they’re getting high with others. That’s what we’re giving them these days!

“Medical” marijuana would also not be covered as part of health care unless it was private insurance. Just remember, though, insurance companies are businesses that aims to make profits. If you even think for one moment you’d be paying less in the long run to have insurance, rather than paying for costs directly, you had better hope to be dying so fast they can’t profit off of you!

And if you legalize drugs, you could also reduce trade deficits. While it probably doesn’t show up in the books, all that drug money that ultimately go to places like Mexico from Canada and the US, would stay in the country. I don’t think any country would mind reducing its trade deficit.

Now, all this is going to create some dreadful drug addict cases. Well, too bad. Let that serve as a warning to others. They wanted freedom and take the risks? Them’s be the consequences. The thing about the ideas I propose is that a lot of impact would happen on the front end to prevent involvement with drugs in the first place. Yeah, let’s go get high and support the government. Better than instead of burdening it with your health care problems after! We’ve got enough great and responsible people to take care of by our health care already. Let those willing to die on their own take themselves out of the evolutionary chain.

As for the drug dealers? Well, if you don’t give them that career as a choice, even a desperate one, they will find something else to do. If it’s criminal, we’ll deal with that issue another time. Let them go pimpin’ or somethin’

Finally, drug smoking zones and such should be harsher than those for smoking. Bigger risks and impact, bigger precaution. Let the users be among themselves, and let the users pay. It’s about time they started paying. Without them, there would be no drug war. They give the dealers and growers reasons to exist and do what they do. People are always going to find thing to alter their realities rather than face them. If not drugs, you’ll have alcohol, paint thinners, etc. Let them, tax them, make them pay, and stop making the rest of society do so.

It’s not a soft policy by any means, but this is drugs and there’s a war going on. You don’t win wars softly.

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