Definition: Drug or Psychedelic Tourism

The real deal now with Americans coming to Canada (among other destinations) to smoke weed legally. This is my term, though, as I’m not aware there is such a term.

How I Will Examine my 23andMe Genotyping Results, and How I Will Share Them

From my experience with 23andMe’s genotyping service, when results were ready, I got 254 reports all at once, and they didn’t even include much of the ancestry reports! The reports are listed at the end, and were in groupings of:

  • Health risks (120)
  • Drug response (24)
  • Inherited conditions (50)
  • Traits (60)
  • 3 special reports needing individual approval among above groupings
  • 3 health tools to assess some features about you

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It’s Been a Bad Few Days for the Armstrong Clan, RIP Neil and Lance

First, Lance Armstrong quit the drug fight and basically took his place among the cheaters as far as I’m concerned. He had a bigger ego than any of them, but not all of them combined, apparently.

Now, Neil Armstrong has left Earth for good. I wonder if they’ll scatter his ashes in space or land it on the moon or something?

I will be sad to never hear from Neil again, but there will always be that historic recording I could listen to over and over again.

I would be glad if I could never hear from Lance again, but I’m afraid I’ll still hear him yapping about his supposed innocence over and over again.

Neil was class.

Lance was ass.

Rest in peace, Neil.

Rest in tease, Lance.

Either way, let’s hope the Armstrongs will have better days ahead!

Will More Athletes Get Expelled from 2012 London Olympics for Drugs or Tweets?

Seriously. There will be athletes caught by doping tests, but they don’t test every athlete like the world is following every tweet from every athlete. These “athtweets” are getting all kinds of athletes in trouble, but graver for some than others. Michel Morganella was recently sent home by the Swiss. Voula Papachristou of Greece was kicked off before the games even began, but should count because she had her spot secured. They aren’t the highest profile of athletes at the games, but lots is being made of their expulsion compared to the few cheats caught so far.

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