I was recently in Houston, Texas, to enjoy the Chinese New Year full on given the large Southeast Asian community there. This was a lion dance video I captured with my GoPro Cam while I was there on January 28th. While it was going on, they also lit a whole whack of “mouse” firecrackers, which were supposedly “quiet” relative to the real big stuff they use in Asia. Unfortunately, I couldn’t simulate it for you because even if you turned your stereo up full blast, it would not be as loud as these “mouse” firecrackers!

A lot of these lion dancers were also youths. They earn a lot, too, at about $4500 per troupe per hour, so I’ve heard. Anybody concerned about adults exploiting these kids?🙂

And where’s the child labour laws protecting these kids? Some didn’t have ear plugs on, and look where they stood. I had to plug my ears with my arms to avoid going deaf!

Hope you enjoy this and belated Happy Chinese New Year!