Definition: Tanuki, Topping Out, Dragon Gate

So many cool new words and terms in one short story that I’ll put it into two posts!



Japanese raccoon dog that looks like a raccoon but isn’t (or even close biologically)


Topping Out

Scandinavian practice of putting a tree or wreath on top of a new house and building to appease tree spirits, as if to say “thank you” to the forest for the wood used


Dragon Gate

Huge gaps in the middle of Southeast Asian skyscrapers to allow dragons to fly through from ocean to mountains.

Now this is a slightly crazy looking, but fun, concept that is taken very seriously!

DRAGON Tennis Shorts

Please click to enlarge

Please click to enlarge

From my pajama dress pants muslin pattern, I removed the curvature from the hip to waist to make it go straight up on the pattern for these tennis shorts. I also chopped off the leg lengths, obviously. But imagine that! Dress pants turned to tennis shorts!

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Lion Dance and Firecrackers at the Hong Kong Market in Houston for Chinese New Year

I was recently in Houston, Texas, to enjoy the Chinese New Year full on given the large Southeast Asian community there. This was a lion dance video I captured with my GoPro Cam while I was there on January 28th. While it was going on, they also lit a whole whack of “mouse” firecrackers, which were supposedly “quiet” relative to the real big stuff they use in Asia. Unfortunately, I couldn’t simulate it for you because even if you turned your stereo up full blast, it would not be as loud as these “mouse” firecrackers!

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