Is Eli Manning Better than Peyton Given Eli’s Second Super Bowl? Poll.

Back in August, 2011, Eli Manning caused a stir when asked if he considered himself in the Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. That would mean being in same class as premier quarterbacks such as Tom Brady and Eli’s big brother, Peyton. Eli confidently answered “yes”, even if he didn’t have the statistics, records, record, and Super Bowls as Tom and some others did, though Eli did have one… and it was over Brady.

With Eli’s second Super Bowl win over Tom Brady, I think that Top 5 quarterback issue is resolved rather nicely. A more interesting question now is how people will consider Eli relative to his big brother Peyton, with Eli’s second Super Bowl compared to Peyton’s one.

Eli is 2-0 in Super Bowls whereas Peyton is 1-1, but I think most people would agree Peyton had a more potent team over the years with the Colts constantly having 10 to 12 wins up to this season when Peyton was hurt all year.

Eli also has 2 Super Bowl MVPs to Peyton’s 1.

Peyton has all kinds of records, highlights, and legends and lore, that Eli is behind in, though Eli is definitely catching up in the last two categories. But ultimately, isn’t it about winning it all? You don’t get a quarterback to get regular season wins and highlights and records. You’d trade all that for Super Bowl, wouldn’t you?

Also, Eli has beaten Brady and the Patriots steadily, having their numbers, who in turn, had Peyton and the Colts’ number. What a beautiful thing karma is, to have Eli over Tom over Peyton, eh?

Basically, it comes down to championships versus everything else. It’ll be interesting to see that debate pan out. In the meanwhile, share your thoughts, please! Maybe answer the question as to whether you’d rather have Peyton or Eli on your team if you can’t decide on “better”.

Let the debate begin!!!

What a football family the Mannings are, though, eh? Archie, Peyton and Eli as NFL quarterbacks! Wow!

And definitely what a super Super Bowl!

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