A Canvas a Day – Painting for Charity

For every single day in 2011, Joanne Arbuthnott of Nova Scotia has been creating a painting for charity… and writing about it. Her A Canvas a Day blog shows the incredible collection of art work Joanne has created in 2011, and captures her journey in detail with an entry with most paintings.

Joanne is continuing to sell off her art work for the Children’s Make-A-Wish Foundation, but whether you are interested in buying any, I highly recommend you have a look and read! And tell someone you know!

A three minute Eastlink TV interview gives a summary of her journey below.

A painting a day. Can you imagine that?

What would you paint? Could you think of enough subjects and/or concepts to keep things fresh?

Would any limitations of your style get exposed from a huge library of works? Or could you develop new styles as you went along to keep your adventure interesting? Or would you develop new styles as it might well be part of your identity?

And what else might get in your way… like life?

And what else might you become enlightened with in such a spiritual and artistic adventure?

All these things, plus great artwork, await you at A Canvas a Day.

Have a look! You won’t be disappointed.

Buy a painting if you can. Tell someone you know about it regardless.

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