What if TWO Santas Showed Up at the Same Place?

You’re at a place where Santa is entertaining the kids, when another Santa suddenly shows up. What would happen?

That was a thought I had today when notified of my work Christmas party for children, and thinking about the possibilities kept me entertained during most of my free time today.

Santas’ Reactions

That is the correct grammatical possessive, as in plural Santas. Were you to be the crashing Santa, you could choose a strategy. You could be in shock and pretend the one sitting there is the impostor. You could pretend you got busted by the real Santa. You could improvise as if to save your butt and identify one of you as the brother of the real Santa, maybe Satan Claus or Santa Paws. Or you could just be macho about it and try to steal the kids away to you.

Now, how do you think the default Santa would react to any of those approaches? Would he go along? Would he be good and submit? Or would he turn the table on you? That’s if he’s not frozen in shock. 🙂

All GOOD times! Could you imagine?

The Parents’ Reactions

Next, how would the Parents react? Would they pretend there were more than one Santa to their kids? Would they wait till things play out? Would they try to take charge and do something about the situation? Would they be proactive to explain to their kids or whisk them away? Would they tell their kids one Santa were from Penn State?

I’m sure there’d be a variety of reactions, and chaos with it than a uniform reaction. But again, GOOD times. Can you imagine?

The Kids’ Reactions

This is the best one of all to observe, by far! See who’s bright. Who’s not. Who’s pessimistic, optimistic and opportunistic! See the bewilderment in their eyes and the confusion among them as they watch each other react, not to mention the adults and other Santa. Hehehe!

SUPER GOOD times! Can you imagine?

Security Spoilers

Of course, there is security around most Santa stations, so they may get in the way. However, most of them are only good as witnesses to anything serious that might happen rather than provide real security. I’m sure if you crashed a Santa moment as another Santa, and tried hard, security wouldn’t get in your way.

So Who Wants to Try?

I would try to crash a Santa station as another Santa if I could, but as a short Asian, I wouldn’t be very effective to confuse the kids. But if there’s any fat white guys out there willing to try, please do and get it on YouTube to share! It’d be SO awesome!

It’d be even more awesome if this were to go viral… kind of like Tebowing did… to make 2011 the year of the Impostor Santa!

No offense to women but you’d just be casted as Mrs. Claus.

So, as I said. WHO WANTS TO TRY?

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