Word and Design Tutorial 1 – Fonts, Templates, Keyboard Shortcuts

This is the first of many tutorials on Microsoft Word and some design aesthetics to go with the technical features being taught. Topics covered this tutorial include:

  • Fonts
  • Setting template defaults
  • Keyboard shortcuts

In a word processor, text is key and text is written in fonts so that’s where we begin. Learn about the major types of fonts and when they are best/poorly used. Also learned about font properties, like bold and italics, and when they are best/poorly used.

After learning about fonts, if you would like to pick out ones you’d like to use as default, you will want to set it in your template so you don’t have to change the font features every time you create a new file. You will do this in your Word template, a skill you will use later with anything you want to reset in your default template.

Finally, you will learn some keyboard shortcuts, starting with a few that applies to fonts. You will also learn some secrets to success to make using keyboard shortcuts a habit so you will remember and use them. Finally, you will see other keyboard shortcuts you will want to learn eventually, for Word and many other mainstream program that share the same keyboard shortcuts.

For this tutorial, there is an extensive PDF download file of notes and examples, and a video showing how to change default settings in MS Word templates (applied to fonts but is useful for any other settings you wish to apply it to in future sessions):

I am not doing this professionally so there will only be limited support I will provide online in answering questions. However, I will try to do what I can

Please click here for other MS Word and Design Tutorials in the future. Thank you.

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