Microsoft Word and Basic Design Tutorials

The posts below contain content for Microsoft Word tutorials, with basic design skills so that the Word skills learned can be applied in aesthetically pleasing ways. No sense knowing how to do everything but doing it all badly.

These tutorials are for people who have basic skills with MS Word. “Basic skills”, to me, means the user has at least typed a document and saved it in Word. That said, some of the topics are quite advanced, like Style Sheet creation employing all the features afforded by Style Sheets. This will be after all the features have been covered, to make your Word usage more efficient after you have learned most of the main features.

Tutorials will be for MS Word 2003 to 2010, though the visuals will be for MS Word 2010. Most of the features covered are applicable to MS Word 2003, though. How to access some of them is what will be different pending what version of MS Word you use.

The tutorials are each meant to be deliverable within an hour, whether for classes, professional development lunch or self-learning. Each tutorial covers a few related topics, in an order that has some logic to it, in manageable volumes so most users wouldn’t be overwhelmed. The order and grouping of topics covered may not be conventional, but Word isn’t usually taught with some design functions. I used to be a graphic designer and that’s the insight I contribute to this learning methodology.

One tutorial per week is recommended as a good learning pace, with time in between to practice what was learned. Tutorials will have a combination of text, downloadable PDF and Word files and screen casting video (video showing what is happening on-screen).

I have just started these in June 2011 so it will take a while to build up many sessions, so please be patient if you choose to try some of these. I am hoping to have three put up per month.

I am not doing this professionally so there will only be limited support I will provide online in answering questions. However, I will try to do what I can. Thank you.

  1. Fonts, setting design templates, keyboard shortcuts
  2. Paragraph features, justification, indentations, margins, line spacing, space before/after, more keyboard shortcuts

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