Word and Design Tutorial 2 – Paragraph Settings

This is the first of many tutorials on Microsoft Word and some design aesthetics to go with the technical features being taught. Topics covered this tutorial include Paragraph features like:

  • Justification
  • Margins
  • Indentations
  • Line Spacing
  • Space Before/After
  • Widow/Orphan control
  • More keyboard shortcuts

After having learned about fonts in Tutorial 1, you will now work with paragraphs that are blocks of fonts. You will examine all the main features in the Paragraphs menu, as well as learn how to adjust them using common buttons and sliders in the Horizontal Ruler. You will also learn how to decipher the settings on a paragraph in a document which you may receive from someone else and have to reformat or edit, though the editing bit will have its own Tutorial later on.

There is an exercise with this Tutorial which cover most of the concepts shown. The PDF below contains extensive notes for the topics covered, along with the exercise instructions and text required.

There will be screencast videos to demonstrate how to do a lot of the features described in the notes. I just don’t have them ready yet, but need to get the file online today so others could access it. I hope to have the videos ready by the end of Sunday, June 26th.

After you determine some paragraph settings which you like, you can apply them to your MS Word template in the fashion shown in Tutorial 1.

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