TED Ads Worth Spreading 2011, Part 3 of 3

This is the final part of 3 posts showing all the ads TED deemed worth spreading. Please click on the links for Part 1 and Part 2.

The TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) community just released its 2011 Ads Worth Spreading contest winners, and the ads are better than the ones I have seen for the Super Bowl in any year! But what did you expect from a brilliant group who’s moniker is “Ideas Worth Spreading”?

These ads aren’t like those in the Super Bowl where they last 30-60 seconds. They tend to be much longer, often the full version of the ad rather than the truncated TV time version. However, with ads like these, I could watch commercials in place of TV shows because I don’t notice how long or short the ads were. I’m actually a little sad once it’s over, alongside whatever mood the commercials left me in.

I have posted the ads here because I have found higher quality versions of the ads than the ones available on the TED website. Otherwise, I’d have just linked to them all on TED’s site.

Enjoy and be prepared to be wowwed!!!


Legendary Biru
Sapporo, the oldest beer brand in Japan, was first brewed in Sapporo, Japan in 1876
– Dentsu Incorporated is one of the largest advertising agency brands in the world

The music and imagery are dramatic, that’s for sure. However, what I liked best was the vertical scrolling, as if viewed in slow motion via the film medium using a projector, that contrasts the new technology of digital media content that moves within each frame rather than a still image of film.


sOccket is a fun, portable energy-harvesting power source in the form of a soccer ball
– TakePart is a community website focused on socially conscious media and issues

WOW! Oh, WOW!!! You have GOT to be KIDDING me, no? Never mind the commercial. That’s great and all. But the idea of a soccer ball that can be used to create electricity from the energy put into it by poor kids who play… poor kids who don’t have electricity but who could use it, and have plenty of energy themselves to spare. OH MY GOODNESS! Phenomenally brilliant, you four ladies from Harvard who came up with the idea! BRAVO! I’m giving you a standing ovation in the house right now!


The Fatted Calf
The Greater Memphis Chamber is an economic development organization that focuses improving greater Memphis, Tennessee
– Lance Murphey and John Hubbell are both veteran journalists and filmmakers

Ad or journalism? Doesn’t matter to me. An interesting and insightful story of beef and belief, just miles north of Memphis, involving Michael and Charline Lenagar, working to bring high-quality organic meat to the Greater Memphis region and beyond.


Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 3 million supporters, members and activists who campaign to end abuses of human rights
– Leo Burnett is a Chicago-based advertising agency

A very funny spoof of Facebook about a very serious topic matter involving tyrants who abuse human rights. Far from the usual beat you down sort of commercial on such serious matters, this one is definitely effective for being memorable by being funny, and still getting the message across.


Really: Windows Phone 7
Microsoft develops, supports and manufactures computer products and services
– Crispin Porter + Bogusky is an advertising and design agency based in Boulder, Miami, Toronto and Gothenburg

This is the only commercial on the TED Ads Worth Spreading 2011 list I have seen outside of the Super Bowl, and I loved loved loved it! the moment I first saw it. I still do. What a hoot, made funnier because it’s practically all true the stupid things people forget about in real life over their stupid mobile phones! The music is perfect, too! I am still resisting and protecting my brain from not having one. 🙂


The Infinite House: Hornbach and Heimat
Hornbach and HEIMAT is a German home-improvement and DIY (“do-it-yourself”) goods store
– @radical.media is a global company that creates content across all forms of media

This is the short film from which various commercials were made for Hornback and HEIMAT. Very creative and charming, that’s for sure.


There were a few commercials which I had trouble finding an embeddable version, but which I thought deserved mention. They were as follows, linking to them on the TED website:


TomoTherapy: A Better Way
TomoTherapy develops new technologies for radiation therapy for cancer treatment
– Photographer David Nevala and design studio Pauli Design collaborated to produce this advertisement
A very nice and touching human commercial about a cancer radiation machine… something not exactly easy to “advertise”.

a COMMON film
COMMON, created by creative director Alex Bogusky, is a community-owned, open-source brand name for prototyping progressive businesses
– m ss ng p eces is a team of artists and strategists dedicated to cross-platform storytelling
A very innovative concept leading to just as innovative an organization, very well explained.

That’s the list. I hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as I have to take! I can’t wait for next year’s edition!

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