Leafs Lose in Time to Let Canadians See Chris Hadfield Land

I have new respect for the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. Instead of trying to win Game 7 of their playoffs against the Boston Bruins in over time, they gave up the winning goal in time so the game could be off the air just time in for Canadians to see their beloved astronaut, Chris Hadfield, land in his return from the International Space Station.

The Leafs, clearly, put the interests of Canadians above theirs, knowing not all Canadians are Leaf fans… but that all Canadians, are Chris Hadfield fans. 🙂

Chris is a Leafs fan, though. He won’t be happy to hear that upon coming back to Earth. However, he should be consoled and touched by the fact the Leafs lost for him.

Thanks, Leafs! Enjoy your summer. You’ll get the karma back in your golf games.


Boston Bruins Get Justice in Game 7 Stanley Cup Finals Win of Karmic Proportions

Talk about justice, or karma! The Boston Bruins won Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Finals against the Vancouver Canucks in all the ways the Canucks had beaten them in Vancouver in three previous games. You can get the stats and game highlights elsewhere. I’ve got the karmic analysis here… just the way Vancouverites like to think about the universe. 😉

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Do the Vancouver Canucks Deserve to Win the Stanley Cup?

I’m a Canadian and I want a Canadian team to win the Stanley Cup since we’re overdue. However, the way the Canucks are playing, I’m almost feeling they don’t deserve it. Not the way Canadians play hockey!

Seriously, after six games and the series tied at three games apiece, Vancouver has led for less than 33 minutes.

Vancouver has been outscored more than 2 to 1! As the league’s top offensive team with 262 goals during the regular season, the Canucks have all of 8 goals scored to show for it. Boston, meanwhile, has scored 19 goals against the league’s top defensive team that only allowed 185 goals all season.

Vancouver has also “out dived” Boston. Vancouver has faked falls, and in Game 6, they faked scoring a goal. Despite a loud “ping” off the post, and no goal light going off, Jannik Hansen acted like the Canucks just scored and stopped the game.

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TED Ads Worth Spreading 2011, Part 3 of 3

This is the final part of 3 posts showing all the ads TED deemed worth spreading. Please click on the links for Part 1 and Part 2.

The TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) community just released its 2011 Ads Worth Spreading contest winners, and the ads are better than the ones I have seen for the Super Bowl in any year! But what did you expect from a brilliant group who’s moniker is “Ideas Worth Spreading”?

These ads aren’t like those in the Super Bowl where they last 30-60 seconds. They tend to be much longer, often the full version of the ad rather than the truncated TV time version. However, with ads like these, I could watch commercials in place of TV shows because I don’t notice how long or short the ads were. I’m actually a little sad once it’s over, alongside whatever mood the commercials left me in.

I have posted the ads here because I have found higher quality versions of the ads than the ones available on the TED website. Otherwise, I’d have just linked to them all on TED’s site.

Enjoy and be prepared to be wowwed!!!

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Learn How to Enable Windows 7’s Rotating Wallpaper Feature

Wallpapers were a great idea, unless you had one on for a long time and it might start burning in a few pixels or more into your screen.

Screen savers were invented for that reason. However, they tended to be custom made software which isn’t always to everybody’s liking.

Being a maker of wallpapers on this blog, I had posted instructions on how to make your own customized screen saver from wallpapers of your choosing (for Windows XP because I was only familiar with it at the time).

Now that I have Windows 7, though, I see it has a great new rotating wallpaper or background feature that is better than the customized screen savers. That is because you don’t have to wait for some inactivity time on your computer before it kicks in. With a screen saver, there is still a default desktop wallpaper image that is on by far the most often. With this, there isn’t.

Essentially, you put your favourite wallpapers into a folder and you tell Windows 7 which ones you’d like to use (cause you don’t have to use all of them). Then tell it if you want the order shuffled for a little randomization, and how long between each switch over. No worries. It doesn’t take up that much memory so it’s like a luxury without a cost. 🙂

Here’s how you go about enabling this feature:

  • Designate a folder for your wallpapers.
  • Find your wallpapers. I have plenty here for starters. 🙂
  • Download to your wallpapers folder.
  • Click on the Start menu.
  • Choose Control Panel
  • Click on Change Desktop Background.
  • Click on the Browse button and find your folder with your wallpapers.
  • Click the pictures you want to use, or just Select All to use them all and let them rotate through.
  • Choose your time interval below the picture window.
  • Check off Shuffle to add some randomization to your background changes.

You can always add more images later. Just go through the set of actions minus the first step to designate your folder.

Hope that helps!


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