Obama’s 2011 Barackets Now Ahead of 99.9% of ESPN Brackets After Round 2!

President Barack Obama

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Despite some major upsets like #1 Pitt going down, President Obama’s 2011 NCAA March Madness Barackets is now ahead of 99.9% of ESPN brackets after two rounds!

That is behind 7,548 entries, but ahead of about 6 million others!

That’s also a gain of 0.1% from Round 1. Not much, maybe, but it’s not like da Prez had much room to progress standing at 99.8th percentile after Round 1. To gain against the best of the best is outstanding!

Da Prez really has his March Madness mojo going this year! See his Barackets after Round 2 below.

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POTUS Obama Beating 99.8% of ESPN 2011 March Madness Brackets After Round 1

President Barack Obama

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After Round 1 of the 2011 NCAA March Madness Tournament, President Barack Obama’s safe “presidential style” Barackets is beating 11,336 of about six million brackets, or about 99.8% of them!

Da Prez is where he is after Round 1 by predicting 28 of 32 correct picks in the round! That’s 3 better than where he was at this point in 2010.

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Obama’s 2010 Barackets Done in Round 4, Only Ahead of 56% of ESPN Brackets

President Barack Obama

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Oh, how the fast starters have fallen!

After , President Barack Obama’s 2010 March Madness Barackets Fortunately, for the President, most others’ brackets were also falling apart because of all the upsets in a fantastic March Madness Tournament. The President , staying ahead of 88% of the ESPN brackets. However, Round 4 finished him off.

Da Prez only had hopes for Kentucky and Kansas State coming in, both of whom lost at a tournament bracket whopping 80 points per game in Round 4. To make things worse, Duke made it through, a popular pick among many brackets for the Final 4, who the President did not have… and neither did I. But I did have West Virginia.

With both Kentucky and Kansas State losing, da Prez officially had his Barackets closed out on Saturday night, just half way through Round 4, and could no longer earn points. That meant others would only pass him the rest of the way. It only remains to be seen how far da Prez will fall.

Well, after Duke and Michigan State won today, President Barack Obama’s Barackets is ahead of only 55.7% of the brackets on ESPN. From 88% to 56% in one day? OUCH! Da Prez went from an A to a D within a day!

With the next rounds having values of 160 and 320 points per game, respectively, and sufficient numbers picking West Virginia, Duke and Michigan State to do well in the Final Four, the President stands to fall even further. And like I said before, it only remains to be seen how far da Prez will fall.

My ESPN brackets had a tough Sunday as well, but I still have West Virginia remaining. Standing proud ahead of 89.5% of the brackets, I’m still getting an A. I had started out ahead of just 37% after Round 1.

So I’ve beaten da Prez again. Hehehe!

Pending what happens to close things out, I might even kick his butt! Actually, you might argue I’ve kicked his butt already if I’m sitting that far ahead of him.

However, it all means nothing. I could never get that health care bill da Prez got done in the US, and that’s by far the more important thing.

But it’s still cool to beat da Prez! 🙂

How are your brackets doing?


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Barack Obama’s Barackets Still Doing Well After Round 3 Because Most People’s Brackets Are Also Busted

Barack Obama / Sarah Palin Spoof (show this to your friends!)

Please click here for how Obama’s Barackets has fallen mightily after Round 4.

Despite having his 2010 NCAA Barackets busted open with teams picked to go far knocked off in Rounds 1 and 2, President Barack Obama’s Barackets is still hanging in there ahead of 88% of about 5 million brackets submitted on ESPN’s website. Obama’s Barackets is ranked 570,093 after three rounds. It’s a drop from 341,292nd place and 92.9th percentile after Round 2, but 88% is still an A.

Obama’s Barackets is still doing relatively well because most people have also had their brackets busted open with all the upsets happening so far. However, on this last day of Round 3, the Cinderellas pretty much all went home. For this, Obama and others who had picked favourite teams that have been booted from March Madness will really start to feel that impact. There are now fewer games from which to get points, or compensate for those lost, and the games from now on continue to double in value from those of the previous rounds. Obama only has a potential 360 points remaining when each round remaining, including picking the overall winner, is worth 320 points each.

My ESPN brackets are also rather busted, but I have done well to this past round to jump from 846,668th place after Round 2, to 63,616th place or better than 98.6% of the brackets on ESPN. I’m beating da Prez now, 610 points to 550, but he has Kentucky and Kansas State remaining for elite teams potentially moving to the Final Four. I have West Virginia, Kansas State and Baylor, with the first losing an excellent player due to injury earlier this week so they’ll be in tough against Kentucky… and I have them in the Finals as well so that would be a devastating loss to my brackets.

Oh, well. At this point, I’m just enjoying March Madness as it’s been one of the better tournament in a long time. That Kansas State and Xavier game was definitely something else!

Let’s see what will happen this weekend!

p.s. Congratulations to Obama and the Democrats for passing that health care bill. It’s a good thing they passed it cause his Barackets might need some serious health care soon! 🙂

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