The More Open Is Your Idea of Beauty, The More Beautiful Your World Will Be

In comparison to others, would you say you find more things in the world to be beautiful? Can you give some general examples to support to your answer?

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If You Were Going To Be An Open Book, Be A Mystery

There’s an English expression about people being an open book, meaning it is easy to know what they are thinking and feeling, and implying they are easy to get to know. Do you tend to find those people interesting as there’s so much to know about them, or uninteresting as there’s not much left to discover about them? Can someone be both? Interesting despite not much left to find out about them? I think so, if they were open, but still mysterious in their nature, metaphorically like in an unassembled puzzle or book which’s words you can read fully but which may not mean all that much to you together.

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How’s About Some Tennistainment?

Rain breaks at this year’s French Open tennis tournament have seen some of the best moments of the tournament so far! And it has nothing to do with tennis. However, it’s definitely entertaining, and that’s why I’m calling it tennistainment.

Start with this dance battle between Gael Monfils and Laurent Lokoli!

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