How’s About Some Tennistainment?

Rain breaks at this year’s French Open tennis tournament have seen some of the best moments of the tournament so far! And it has nothing to do with tennis. However, it’s definitely entertaining, and that’s why I’m calling it tennistainment.

Start with this dance battle between Gael Monfils and Laurent Lokoli!

Man! Those are some sick moves! I know you need great footwork and coordination to succeed at tennis, but that’s like a league of its own! Talk about transferable skills!

Then there’s this charming and touching moment by Novak Djokovic that will be forever cherished by this ball boy.

The guy is a charmer! I LOVE that guy and I hope he’ll be around for many years to come. Somebody needs to fill Andre Agassi’s role again!

I love the French Open, but to be honest with ya, with tennistainment like that, I’m hoping for a LOT more rain delays! Same goes for Wimbledon!

By the way, who won those matches again??? 🙂

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