A Global Defining Moment with Getting the COVID-19 Vaccination

https://digitalcitizen.ca/category/writing/Where were you when…?  That’s the question often asked about defining moments of a generation, country, demographic, or some other group could commonly relate to. These questions, and the moments they reference, tend to each be about an event that happened not to the group, but to something that impacted the group. On the contrary, with receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine, what we have is a defining moment more definitive, and more globally relatable, and more personally impacting to us all, than any of those other defining moments. For that, the question will be a little different. It won’t be where were you when…?  But rather, where and when did you… get your vaccine?  And quite possibly as a follow up, how was it?

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How’s About Some Tennistainment?

Rain breaks at this year’s French Open tennis tournament have seen some of the best moments of the tournament so far! And it has nothing to do with tennis. However, it’s definitely entertaining, and that’s why I’m calling it tennistainment.

Start with this dance battle between Gael Monfils and Laurent Lokoli!

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