The More Open Is Your Idea of Beauty, The More Beautiful Your World Will Be comparison to others, would you say you find more things in the world to be beautiful? Can you give some general examples to support to your answer?

The logic in the quote is quite simple – the more open is your idea of beauty, the more beautiful your world will be. The application may not be since you’d have to change what you think of as being beautiful, which is not always an easy thing to do. We’ve all changed our minds at some point on whether or not we liked something or someone, based on appearance, or whether we liked concepts and ideas based on their elegance. How we can do this more easily, though, is the real question, which I will answer with psychology instead of marketing based answers.

One way to expand your idea of beauty is to be aware of more details around you, especially those in nature. Use your senses to explore, or at least pay attention to, the world around you more, natural and man-made. Another way is to practice gratefulness more. Don’t be so quick to judge whether something you see or have is beautiful, or even judge at all. Be grateful it’s there, with any of its fine features you notice. If you weren’t happy with something, work towards getting something better, so long as that’s not morally objectionable, but be grateful for everything it is now so that it’ll still be beautiful to you whether or not you get that something you deem to be better. The more you can do just these two things, the more beauty you’ll see around you. Anything else you can come up with will make it even better!


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