Bernie Sanders’ Mittens Memes Analysis

For more writings on this blogThe day Joe Biden finally took office was, no doubt, going to be a joyous one for many Americans and other people around the world. However, how joyous was it going to be, or could it be, considering we had just come out of four miserable years, and an even more miserable couple of weeks? It’s hard to turn around from long time trauma just like that, as if nothing had happened, especially with a doom and gloom pandemic raging keeping us generally apart from others far more than we’d like to be. But then Bernie Sanders showed up in his hand-knitted, eco-friendly, sustainable, and adorable mittens, and we were all suddenly reminded how beautiful and fun life, the world, and we humans could be! We suddenly had the unorganized, virtual party we couldn’t have right now to celebrate the new American Presidency and the floodgates of joy just didn’t reopen, the dam completely broke to let it that joy held back for four years all come out. I call it the #BernieSandersMittens dam!

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Tag Your Top 10 Most Athletic Facebook Friends

This is a new type of Facebook tagging, and one that could get you in a lot of trouble, too! 🙂

It’s not because this Facebook tagging is “inappropriate” with language, images or topic. No. It’s because this is going to bruise some egos!

It’s meant for judgmental people so if that’s you, and you’re not afraid to bruise some egos, then go for it! The trade off is that you’ll also praise some people, like giving them an award, so you can also win some favours!

In this Facebook tagging, you have to decide who are your 10 most athletic Facebook friends and tag them.

Those 10 are going to be happy. Those who felt they could have been in the top 10 based on who they saw you tag, cause they thought they were more athletic than at least one of those tagged, won’t! Depending on their personalities, they’ll react in a variety of ways, some of which won’t be pleasant.

Do you think you can handle that? If so, then let’s get on with it!

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Professional Baseball Fans Facebook Friends Tagging Challenge

I created these tagging challenges for major league baseball fans in North America, Japan and South Korea, or people who know lots of those fans. The tagging challenges can be done on Facebook, MySpace, LiveJournal or other platforms where you can tag people on pictures.

The idea is to see how diverse is the group of baseball fans you know, and how does that compare to your fellow baseball loving friends. It’s no fun if everybody supported the team you supported, you know!

  • Pick a Facebook tagging meme of your choice based on the leagues below: American, National, combined Major Leagues, Nippon Professional Baseball League (NPBL) and Korean Baseball Organization (KBO).
  • Tag one person you know whose favourite team is represented by the team logo. It has to be that person’s favourite team as you can’t tag a person twice on the same photo.
  • How many teams can you tag? And how does this compare to your friends who might have done this same challenge?

Here’s how to get these graphics for your tagging fun:

  • Click on a picture below to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your profile.
  • Tag your friends!

Fancy yourself quite the social sports fan, or this isn’t your sport? Try the same Facebook tagging challenges for:

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Why Many People Don’t Believe in the Power of Social Media

The potential of social media is its power to let people self-organize like nothing before.  However, there is a lot of skepticism because people are not using it that way, for the most part. They’re just using it for fun and games, many of which don’t even involve others besides possibly annoying them. An example is those Facebook picture tagging memes where you decide which of your friends are most like some picture of a character or thing on a poster full of such characters or things, then tag them. Your friends don’t even have to bless it or be involved in any way, and may be irritated to upset enough to untag themselves, possibly with a note to you! Anti-social media, perhaps?

Something that gets far greater usage than Facebook memes of any sort, though, are Facebook applications. This doesn’t cover all social media by any means, but it’s a pretty good sampling and indicator. The graph below is all the cynics need to state their case.

Facebook Application Purposes

Facebook Application Purposes

Never mind how much the Just for Fun category completely annihilated the other categories for number of applications, just look at how few other applications categories actually help people self-organize themselves! Now, this graph was from May 2008, by a number crunching firm called Flowing Data and presented on CNET. However, I haven’t sensed any great change in a lot of people’s attitudes to social media as being a tool of real power rather than just fun and games. This despite of President Barack Obama’s campaign putting social media to magnificent use for his supporters to self-organize and leading to a historic real life result. Seems to me the cynics still think that the effort, led by Chris Hughes using the website with other social networking bases, had little influence because it was the people who organized things and talked to each other and got out to vote, etc. (link to Chris Hughes is a highly recommended read if you want to see the true power of social media).

Yes, it was the people who did all the actions, but that’s exactly the problem with a lot of people using social media. They’re not using it using it in more productive ways that result in real life impact. My Facebook 2.0 picture tagging memes where there are real life actions have seen good take-up, but not nearly as much compared the usual ones described early one. It’s the users of social media are the problem, not the technology. The technology enables them to do something. The technology itself won’t do anything on its own. But as President Obama’s campaign proved, people can be taught to do this, and they will if motivated to do so. Their behaviour is what has to be changed.

Ultimately, the cynics on social media may be right that it won’t amount to much. However, I highly doubt that. But if they were right, they would still be wrong because it would be social media’s users that didn’t amount to much. The technology is just fine!

Think about that as you use social media technology in the future!

Flesch-Kincaid Grade Reading Level: 9.2

Family Guy, Disney and Penguins Facebook Tagging Meme Pictures

Please check out the 73 Penguins avatars and buddy icons created from the Penguins Facebook picture tagging memes below!

Here are some more Facebook tagging meme pictures I haven’t been able to find anywhere else easily, so I’ve put them on my blog. I created the Family Guy version, with relatively few characters compared to others I created thus far. However, I was only able to find graphics of those 8 characters with white backgrounds and that’s enough work to assemble them, label them and such for me on one post. It’s for the Family Guy fans, which I don’t think are quite at the level of the other meme themes (see links below), but I’ll let the download stats speak for themselves. It’s also for people who don’t have time to tag 25 people, or daring ones who not only have their family as friends, particular Parents, but will also tag them! This is also the first time I created a pictorial Facebook meme with personality traits rather than straight character names.

The other two meme pictures here are Disney characters and Penguins (somebody need to enlighten me on the cartoon franchise from which they came). The first penguins version I created. The others I only slightly optimized ratios and edited out one extreme expletive that was simply gratuitous, and it wasn’t even funny. I’m glad someone did the personality labeling for Disney characters because I sure didn’t want to try. I had thought about a Disney set but passed it up due to too many characters without prominent distinguishing personality traits. As for the Penguins set, not knowing anything about it really, it’s just included. Here’s how you get any of these graphics for Facebook:

  • Click on the picture below to get it at full size.
  • Right click on that picture and save to your computer.
  • Upload it to your Facebook profile.
  • Tag your friends (or let them tag themselves).

Please click here for a complete list of over 100 Facebook picture tagging memes on this site with which you can use for fun with your friends.