Bernie Sanders’ Mittens Memes Analysis

For more writings on this blogThe day Joe Biden finally took office was, no doubt, going to be a joyous one for many Americans and other people around the world. However, how joyous was it going to be, or could it be, considering we had just come out of four miserable years, and an even more miserable couple of weeks? It’s hard to turn around from long time trauma just like that, as if nothing had happened, especially with a doom and gloom pandemic raging keeping us generally apart from others far more than we’d like to be. But then Bernie Sanders showed up in his hand-knitted, eco-friendly, sustainable, and adorable mittens, and we were all suddenly reminded how beautiful and fun life, the world, and we humans could be! We suddenly had the unorganized, virtual party we couldn’t have right now to celebrate the new American Presidency and the floodgates of joy just didn’t reopen, the dam completely broke to let it that joy held back for four years all come out. I call it the #BernieSandersMittens dam!

If you haven’t seen, or haven’t seen many, of the Bernie Sanders Mittens meme by now, there’s been a torrent of them. Actually, I wish there was a torrent of them, where I could just download them all in one click. However, as there isn’t, I’m making the effort to link to a few that I hope won’t be lost any time soon, for me to share as much as to have readily accessible to show some of my favourites. The originality of all these people are just amazing, bring out all kinds of joys in others, even in some of those who hate Bernie Sanders, but who just have to respect the creativity.

The easiest way to find all these memes would be to search for the #BernieSandersMittens hashtag on Twitter, and maybe #Berniememe. Since I can’t embed the results here, I’m going to pick out a few threads that had a nice collection, by quantity and by quality. Here’s one I liked. Click on it to see the entire thread since WordPress doesn’t seem to let me embed that, and the pieces aren’t even easy to figure out how to connect. Also, click on any images below to see them in a larger format.



Level ZERO of creativity

This is an add on after the original post, but I felt I had to add it on because of how substandard it was. While the world was clipping Bernie Sanders from the picture to put in all kinds of clever places, this attempt only put a quote to the picture… and not even a good one, in my opinion. Well, I got one book for ya, it’s called C’mon man!!! I would have called it C’mon woman!!! but I felt that might have been offensive. But either way, Level 0 for you!!!



Level 1 of creativity

Among most of the memes, Bernie is merely sitting somewhere interesting. Among these, I liked the one where Bernie is sitting on the construction beam above New York seen above. That’s sitting around, but not on solid ground or in a place where most people doing these memes have placed Bernie. I also especially like the one where Bernie is sitting around with Deadpool (bottom left of the 8 meme pics below), as it is such a contrast of characters. The one with the old Batman TV series was also well done and fun! Despite the simplicity of just putting Bernie in various places, situations, and entertainment icons of our times, just look at all the places where people have placed Bernie sitting! The memes of this type alone are a delight with all the places people have put Bernie, never mind the more creative memes I’ve yet to describe!



Level 2 of creativity

Beyond just placing Bernie somewhere, some people put a degree of separation on him by making him a secondary subject, or even object, in a photo. Examples of this include the reflection of Bernie in the moon astronaut (Neil Armstrong?), one of the Capitol Hill rioters stealing Bernie in his chair like property from the Capitol, and Bernie as the fly on Mike Pence’s head, all in the batch above. However, for me, the best of these was the meme of the guy with his girlfriend checking out Bernie, in place of another woman that upset his girlfriend, and Bernie in one of Bob Ross’ paintings, both shown below.



Level 3 of creativity

The third level of creativity, for me, were those who used Bernie and his mittens as the core of something more. For example, there was one of Bernie with drumstick extensions from his mittens playing the drums in the first set of memes shown near the start of this post. A favorite one in this, though, was of Bernie being put in the position of an MMA fighter pulling some sort of leg hold on an opponent, as shown below. I thought those were the most clever, requiring the most vision, not to mention skill.



Level 4 of creativity

These are in a league of their own, for level of skill and effort involved, although a bit different in format as they are not pictures. They are amazing in their own ways, but not quite with the humour of the picture memes above. The first is this short video clip from the movie Ghost.


Then you have video with audio in this singing GIF sort of clip!


Then there’s this, the Bernie Sanders’ Mittens crochet doll! Wow! That’s really taking a meme to an extreme! Well done!



Not ranked

And this one was also added after the original post, but to complete the analysis given new information. It’s a little different, but it’s also mine, so I would be in a conflict of interest to rank it with personal biases, try as I may to be objective about it. Instead of making a meme, I went out to be the meme, doing an ad hoc photoshoot in snow flurries outside with oversized mittens I had made from before, but were colourful and suitable to get the point across.



So that’s my take on these absolutely hilarious Bernie Sanders’ Mittens memes right now. I can’t believe it’s been several days since Joe Biden’s inauguration when this started, and this train is only feeling like it’s getting started! We’ll see if I might have to do another such post next week to share more.



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