Who Would Be on your Life Board of Directors?

Corporations have Boards of Directors to represent the shareholders’ interest, to steer the organization towards a sustainable future, define and adhere to its mandates, etc. They do so with their expertise, experience, and insight into matters relevant to the organization. But what if that corporation was you? And its operations your life? Who would you have on your Board of Directors?

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I’ll Be Rocking Canada’s New Vertical $10 Bill of Viola Desmond

Canada just revealed its new $10 bill, and it features a black woman on it, Nova Scotia’s own civil rights activist, Viola Desmond. It is also vertical in orientation while all the currency traditions were being turned on their heads! I think the bill is absolutely beautiful and I’m gonna be rocking it when it comes out around Christmas, 2018!

You know how some people flaunt cash in $20 bills, or maybe $50 or $100 bills? Well, I’ll be flaunting my new $10 bills like that! I’ll carry only $10 when I can, opting out of larger bills, and only carrying $5 bills when I get them as change. I might even spend the $5 bills a little frivolously every now and then to get rid of them, or make an extra purchase so as to get less than $5 in change back… all for the sake of “image” as the $10 guy, and helping the economy with a little extra expenditure. 😉

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The Era of Social Media Flawed New Political Candidates

We are entering an era where more and more newly nominated political candidates will have something regrettable in their social media past, or else be irrelevant. As the demographics change to usher in younger candidates who have been on social media for more and more years, it’ll be increasingly hard to find new candidates who haven’t done anything on social media that might come back to haunt them in the ironically idealistic, but hypocritical, political world. We think and trust politicians less than lawyers and insurance salespeople, yet we expect them to be more politically correct than our role models.

With these candidates with some regrettable social media pasts, people are going to have to start getting used to them, and judge them on the severity of that past rather than presence of any past. That is, was it just a reaction on Twitter? Maybe a post they made to initiate things? Or something private on Facebook someone put out in a more public forum? Or did they have a whole website / forum where they were seriously propagating the unacceptable action? While none of these venues may be idealistically argued to be acceptable, some of these are realistically more forgivable than others. Everybody has reacted inappropriately to a joke. We all have initiated an inappropriate comment. However, that may or may not reflect our views, or judgment when there’s something real at stake, on the matter. Having a whole website or forum to propagate it, on the other hand, that’s a dedicated effort that’s harder to believe one could leave behind.

In some places, people are more used to having new political candidates with flawed social media pasts, like the US now that Shtrump has bought and hacked his way to the to-be-impeached presidency. But at a local level, people will likely have a double standard of their local politicians so pending how politically correct your area is, your area may or may not be more ready for these new candidates with flawed social media pasts. Where I live in Nova Scotia, Canada, we are very traditional and totally not ready for this. Two weeks into an election call and we’ve lost 3 candidates in 51 ridings already! There’s Jad Crnogorac, Bill McEwen and Matt McKnight. I don’t know their full stories enough to comment on whether or not they should have been dropped, or resigned, from their respective races. I’m just saying political parties had better get used to having more supposed “clean” candidates, who they vet, who will have things from their social media past surface that the parties won’t like. The people had also better get used to the same thing and judge what those actions are rather than expecting completely clean candidates. Or else consider voting for someone who’s never been on social media to know what any of it is like, or probably also never used email, either, if they can find one.

Fashion Quotes for Attitude

I have been writing quotes for a few months now on this site, but I also love reading them for inspiration, or just attitude some times. As I start redesigning and sewing my work wardrobe this weekend, I got some fashion quotes that stirs a little designer attitude in me, but also just general attitude I’m going to have when I wear some of this stuff. More interesting non-work wardrobe will be coming, so I’ll need a little of that attitude for that, too.

None of my future wardrobe design is too crazy. Some would say it’s nothing crazy, for that matter. That’s fine, cause I’m not going for crazy. However, it will be different enough from the norm that it will get some questionable looks. The one day I wore my first piece, the Tranquility dress shirt, I could see that already. What I wouldn’t have given to be a mind reader then!

Anyway, here comes the fashion quotes and attitudes! See if you can spot some of these coming out in my future designs! I’ll also eventually write some of my own fashion quotes. 🙂

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Options Instead of the Extra Point for the NFL and CFL

In North American football, the extra point is a single point short kick after a 6 point touchdown to give the full 7 point value a touchdown can give a team. The full 7 points also makes the touchdown more valuable than two field goals, at 3 points each, in not only concept but also score. Otherwise, the extra point is also a second chance to cheer loudly for the touchdown just scored if it were your team to have done so.

Once upon a time, the extra point used to require an actual effort so it was not a sure thing by any means. However, these days, it has a success rate of over 99% according to New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It has become too easy for the players playing to execute it that it not only becomes boring, it’s also a waste of time. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King feels the same way about it, calling it “the biggest waste of time in sports”. Nothing in sports should be that automatic, basically. What kind of competition is there if the outcome was the same more than 99% of the time?

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