I’ll Be Rocking Canada’s New Vertical $10 Bill of Viola Desmond

Canada just revealed its new $10 bill, and it features a black woman on it, Nova Scotia’s own civil rights activist, Viola Desmond. It is also vertical in orientation while all the currency traditions were being turned on their heads! I think the bill is absolutely beautiful and I’m gonna be rocking it when it comes out around Christmas, 2018!

You know how some people flaunt cash in $20 bills, or maybe $50 or $100 bills? Well, I’ll be flaunting my new $10 bills like that! I’ll carry only $10 when I can, opting out of larger bills, and only carrying $5 bills when I get them as change. I might even spend the $5 bills a little frivolously every now and then to get rid of them, or make an extra purchase so as to get less than $5 in change back… all for the sake of “image” as the $10 guy, and helping the economy with a little extra expenditure. 😉

We no longer have $1 or $2 bills in circulation in Canada for me to have to worry about change smaller than $5. Some think that’s a bit loonie of Canada but I’m cool with the idea.

I’m just a little sad I’ll have to wait till Christmas before the Viola Desmonds come into circulation, but the wait will be worth it!

If you were living in Canada, will you be flashing your new $10 bills like me when the time comes?

If you were a tourist to Canada around Christmas 2018 or after, make sure you get one of these bills to take home. It’ll generate more conversation, education and other benefits than any tourist gifts you’ll be able to get for $10.

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