Fashion Quotes for Attitude

I have been writing quotes for a few months now on this site, but I also love reading them for inspiration, or just attitude some times. As I start redesigning and sewing my work wardrobe this weekend, I got some fashion quotes that stirs a little designer attitude in me, but also just general attitude I’m going to have when I wear some of this stuff. More interesting non-work wardrobe will be coming, so I’ll need a little of that attitude for that, too.

None of my future wardrobe design is too crazy. Some would say it’s nothing crazy, for that matter. That’s fine, cause I’m not going for crazy. However, it will be different enough from the norm that it will get some questionable looks. The one day I wore my first piece, the Tranquility dress shirt, I could see that already. What I wouldn’t have given to be a mind reader then!

Anyway, here comes the fashion quotes and attitudes! See if you can spot some of these coming out in my future designs! I’ll also eventually write some of my own fashion quotes. 🙂

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