Those Rejected Poems few months ago, I posted about posting poems I had written for poetry competitions, but which I rejected, as their own collection on my poetry blog. It was just to see what would end up there, and, ultimately, if I would make any “mistakes” to reject poems I would want to use later, but wouldn’t be able to since by having been posted online, they would be considered “published” and ineligible for most poetry competitions.

At the time of posting about a theorized Rejected Poems collection, though, I had not posted any such poems on my poetry blog. I just wrote about them to explain them, and to have something about which to do warm-up writing before I got to more serious writing. As of today, I’m happy to say, I have posted 11 such rejected poems. At least for these 11 poems, I am certain I won’t be regretting rejecting any! 🙂

And unlike the post before that was a sort of April Fool’s Day joke from its lewd sounding content, but truly sound advice, this one is no April Fool’s Day joke. April Fool’s Day jokes are only good until noon, if you didn’t know what I was talking about with the time reference. The rejected poems posted about here are just bad poems!


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