Not Doing COVID Anal Swab Test for the “Experience” few weeks ago, when I found out that COVID19 rapid tests for asymptomatic people were being done near where I lived, without cost, I went to get one for the “experience”. Lots of people around the world was doing it, and I had seen it on video many times, but I didn’t know what it was like. Since it was harmless and free, I went to satisfy my curiosity. Today, I found out China is now conducting anal swab tests for COVID-19, and I can tell you, no matter how much I hear about it or “see” some version of it, I ain’t going to be going to do this for the “experience”!


“An anal swab test involves inserting a cotton swab 1.2 to 2 inches into the rectum. Once it’s there, the swab is gently rotated several times, then removed and placed into a sample container. The entire process only takes about 10 seconds.”


Hmmm. How “pleasant”. Never mind for subject, but also for the tester. Bleh!

Yes, tester. People do it for you, apparently, rather than you doing it yourself although it sounds like one could. I suppose quality control, or lack thereof, would be the problem with people just barely touching outside their anus and submitting the sample. I mean, who would know and how? Smell it and say it’s not stinky enough so it couldn’t have gone up far enough for a proper swab?

Now, I’m sure some of you out there might love to be the tester just to see some people show their asses, and who knows what else might get exposed in the process. Some of you might love ass play to be sticking sticks up assholes, probably “accidentally” touching skin since the swabs aren’t long and needs to go inside the rectum. I can see this as foreplay for some people who love ass play already lol. However, I think if you did, you’d get sick of it pretty soon cause most people’s asses are not likely those you’d want to see, or smell in the process of getting close to administer the test. It might depend on what you consider a worthwhile ratio is for getting whatever thrills you can for having to put up with however much crap in between. Call it shit economics or something. Maybe something more cause some people are bound to react to the sensation by urinating, defecating, and/or farting. Ugh!!!

Any way you put it or look at it, this test won’t be one I will be going for the “experience”. If I really wanted to do it that badly, I can do it myself and see how it feels, thank you. However, I can see this anal swab test as a small deterrent to keep some people from traveling abroad. Make it mandatory so that if you came back from international travel when your country advises against it like Canada, you’d have to take one of these tests. I’m sure it won’t stop most intent to go anyway, as a little poke up the ass won’t stop them if they were already intent on squeezing loopholes in the law and not care for the well-being of others, but it may stop a few, or just make the “experience” a bit more memorable for them.




509 words (without quoted anal swab test description)

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